The Department of Electronics and communication Engineering is offering a full time four year B.E degree course in Electronics and Communication since the inception of the institution in year 2009. This branch of engineering imparts technical knowledge in fields of Electronics, Communication, VLSI, Embedded System, Image Processing, Signal processing & Wireless Networking. The department has many experienced faculty members specialized in various fields. To improve the quality of engineers the department is also conducting lot of workshops, seminars and value added programs.


As it is a multiplexed course the engineers with this discipline has more opportunities than other.

India is leading its way in service domain; in particular the communication domain has creating a big demand on communication engineers.

The role of electronics in day to day life also increases the electronics industries growth. Because of this role of Electronic system design engineers are paid more. There is a big demand for this domain also.

In association with the curriculum electronics engineers are basically programmers which lead them to play a role in IT industry. All together this department endures a bright future for the students.


Student can specialize in their area of interest through electrical communication engineering passionate to purse master that would reflect great. MPMC&VLSI, you can better focus on getting jobs in QUALCOMM, Intel and others R&D companies.

Faculty Details

  • Dr.Ajin
  • Associate Professor
  • Mrs.Udhaya Lakshmi
  • Mrs.Anusha Dipshi
  • Assistant Professor
  • Mrs.Jeyanthi John
  • Mrs.Nithya
  • Mrs.Pradeepa
  • Mrs.Akshaya
  • Mrs.Sudha