Aeronautical Engineering is the scientific study of design, techniques of operating aircrafts and manufacturing of flight machines. The objective of studying Aeronautical Engineering is to design, construct, analyses and test commercial aircrafts for their optimum performance.

Aerospace engineers develop new technologies for use in aviation, defence systems, and Aerospace exploration, often specializing in areas such as aerodynamics, aerospace propulsion, aerospace structures, guidance, navigation and control, instrumentation and communication, or production methods.

Department offers a vibrant academic atmosphere which enables independent research and free exchange of ideas. The department has continuous interaction with R&D organizations of international repute in the field of aerospace engineering that lead to mutually beneficial research activities.

The engineering field require an understanding of core concept including structural analysis, composite material science, computer simulation in mechanical design, aeronautical engineering use these principles along with tools like computer-aided engineering and product life management to design and various transport system, weapon technology. Watercraft and others.


Aeronautical Engineers as the name suggest, specialize in creation and maintenance of aircraft and aircraft related technologies for improved functioning of aviation and defence industry.

Some of the jobs under this specialized branch of engineering are:

  • Aeronautical Engineers
  • Aeronautical Mechanical Engineers
  • Aeronautical Electronic Engineers
  • Flight Engineers


A qualified Aeronautical Engineer can find in the defence establishments for building and maintenance of defence aircraft and aerospace research, gas turbine engine research. Civil Aviation Department, Aeronautical Development Establishment, Air India, Defence Research and development Laboratories, Helicopter Corporation of India, Hindustan Aeronautical Ltd(HAL), National Aeronautical Lab(NAL), Pawan Hans, Indian Air Force, Private Airlines. Our Graduates can perform in various disciplines like Drafting / designer/ analysis/ simulation/ R&D aircraft manufacturing/ installation/ maintenances etc.,


Student can specialize in their area of interest through the master degree and research programs.

Faculty Details

  • Dr.Kavin
  • Assistant Professors
  • Mr.Kannan
  • Mr.Muniasamy Dhanabalan
  • Mr.Prasad
  • Mrs.Ramya
  • Mrs.Rubiya
  • Mr.John Bright
  • Mr.Chermathurai