Satyam College of Engineering & Technology

Career at Satyam College of Engineering and Technology


A student about the career development process and industry options, and empower them to make informed career decisions.

PREPARE students for experimental learning(through internships, co-ops and communityservice), employment and further education


Hiring organizations with our diverse student and alumni talent we recognize that faculty and staff play important roles in connecting students with potential employers, and that it’s never too early to guide students on their academic journey and help them explore career options. The Career Center has many resources including online career exploration programs and industry. We provide specialized services to prepare and connect advanced candidates with industry.

We work with you so that your students may select opportunities that add value to theirLearning and career development, optimize future educational and employment options.


Develop an understanding of the College’s mission as you immerse yourself in our community, and discover the many resources at Satyam College

  • Prepare for success by utilizing such career resources as self-assessment, career exploration and guidance, goal setting and planning, résumé and cover letter writing, interview and internship preparation, graduate school guidance and job search strategies.
  • Learn about majors, program requirements and course descriptions
  • Meet with your academic adviser regularly to ensure purpose ful course planning.
  • Academic tutoring helps maintain a high grade point average. Several on-campus resources provide academic support for all of your courses.
  • Get involved by joining clubs and organizations, volunteering and taking on leadership roles.


Identify your interests, skills, abilities and values.

  • Meet with a counselor in the 0111cc to help you explore your interests and abilities.
  • Career assessments are available to help improve sell-awareness and career planning.
  • Make an informed decision; mccl with a counselor to discuss your goals andcareeroptions.
  • Participate in volunteer opportunities, internships and jobs to help clarify arid support your career plans.


Develop a career action plan and take the steps necessary to attain your goals.

  • Establish conceivable, believable, attainable, measurable and desirable short and long -term goals.
  • Include in your action plan the resources you’ll need to achieve your short term goals, a timeline and strategies to address any barriers.


Career development is a proactive and lifelong process that requires time and attention. Your college major should reflect your unique interests, skills and values. It may provide adirect or indirect path to a career; many roads can lead to the same destination. Your college experiences can open paths previously unknown. The office of Career Preparation and Professional Development is here to Support you on your journey.