Department in Satyam College of Engineering & Technology


Department of Electrical & Electronic Engineering

Electrical engineering more recently referred to as electrical and electronics engineering is the engineering discipline dealing with the study and application of electricity, electronics and electromagnetism.

Department of Computer Science & Engineering

The department aims at providing quality education in Computer Science and Engineering.

Department of Mechanical Engineering


Department if Mechanical Engineering has a charismatic ambience as it ensures better circumstance for the promising future mechanical engineers enrolled here

Department of Civil Engineering

The department of Civil Engineering has been imparting knowledge in ‘General Engineering Concepts’ and ‘Studies’ in ‘civil Engineering’. With the concurrent acquisition of technical skills in labs, inspiration and awakening of the young minds by vibrant teachers, the students are engaged intellectually, in the college.

Department of Aeronautical Engineering

The objective of studying Aeronautical Engineering is to design, construct, analyses and test commercial aircrafts for their optimum performance.