M.E. Applied Electronics or Master of Engineering in applied Electronics is a two years post graduate Electrical Engineering course. The course covered in this subject provide sufficient knowledge of semiconductor devices as well as P-N junction, rectifiers, bipolar junction transistor, RC couples amplifier, special devices, feedback amplifier and oscillator. Subjects usually studied under this degree are neural networks, advanced digital signal processing, VLSI design, applied mathematics for electronics, digital control engineering, analysis and design of analogue integrated circuits, computer architecture, parallel processing, ASIC design, design and analysis of algorithms, digital image processing, reliability engineering, robotics, VLSI signal processing, internet multimedia, electromagnetic interference, system design, communication networks etc.


  • Network Planning Engineering
  • Software Analyst
  • Technical Director
  • Service Engineer
  • Field Test Engineer
  • Senior Sales Manager
  • Customer Support Engineer
  • Electronics and Communication Consultant
  • Research and Development Software Engineer

Faculty Details

  • Dr.Ramesh
  • Assistant Professor
  • Mr.Vino
  • Mr.Naveev Dev