M.E Manufacturing engineering postgraduates have a wide range of job opportunities like Production engineer, Mechanical analyst, Project in charge, Researcher, Content developer etc. After completion of post-graduation, one may pursue further studies like M.E and Ph.D in the said subject or may take up job opportunities associated.

Manufacturing happens to be the backbone of any economy. All the economic activities are dependent upon the productivity and efficiency of the manufacturing firms in the country. Thus, it can be said as the base over which all other sectors of economy thrive.

The process of manufacturing involves technical skills and academic soundness with production process so as to bring the best out of the available resource base. The basic fundamental of manufacturing is to produce maximum with available inputs.

A masterís course in manufacturing engineering provides that required skills and academic


Industrial engineering often overlaps with manufacturing engineering with a similar focus on the manufacturing processes.

  • Industrial engineer
  • Business consultant
  • Operation research analyst
  • Engineering technician
  • Engineering manager
  • Professional engineering certificate and licensure

Faculty Details

  • Dr Sureesh kumar
  • Assistant Professor
  • Mr.S vijay wills
  • Mr.Rubas