Undergraduate program produces graduates with a broad perspective in both software and hardware topics pertinent to computing systems. It provides the foundation and specialized knowledge necessary to analyse, design and evaluate system software, utility programs and software-hardware architectures. To educate students with an understanding of real-world computing that allows students to design hardware and software solutions for wide variety of application domains and needs, as demonstrated by their ability to address technical issues involving computing problems encountered in the industry and also train students to work effectively, professionally and ethically in computing-related professions, as demonstrated by their communications, teamwork and leadership skills in industry.


Students of Computer Science and Engineering can take up their jobs as soon as they finish their studies or they can pursue higher education. The career opportunities in store for aspirants in private sectors are quite large. Many reputed national and multinational firms absorb aspirants who have completed their graduation in Computer Science and Engineering. Our graduates enter the industry as highly skilled Research analyst, Project Managers, Project Analysts and Development Team Leaders, Software Testers, Software Trainers, and Software Marketing Managers in various MNCs. The top IT firms in India such as Wipro, TCS and HCL etc. offer graduates very lucrative pay packages.


  • Software Engineer
  • System Analyst
  • System Administration
  • Technical Support
  • Testing Engineer
  • Database Administrator
  • Network Administrator


Student can specialize in their area of interest through computer science engineering subject great details through an M.E of Ph.D. Future study is essential for a career in academia and can be useful for a range of other career that interest you, master degree and search postgraduate.

Faculty Details

  • Dr Dhayalan
  • Associate Professor
  • Dr.Vinoth Kanth
  • Dr.Prasanth Kumar
  • Assistant Professor
  • Mrs.Sahaya Sonia
  • Mr.Krishna Bharathi
  • Mrs.Merlin Selva Jeeva
  • Mrs.Dharshini
  • Mr.Sivaraj
  • Mrs.Anupriya