M.E. in Power System Engineering trains the students to identify the problems related to electrical systems, develop projects with creativity, have the ability to communicate technical project information in written and through a presentation. They are qualified to use new practice, techniques, and principles to resolve issues.

M.E. in Power System Engineering course is a comprehensive course which deals with the principles of maintaining a balance between the variables of engineering. Candidates are given an in-depth knowledge of different dimensions involved in the engineering of the power system and aspects to be dealt for resolving various global and national issues related to power industry and its impact on the environment. The study not only depends on learning about the balance between generation and load or between consumption ratio to production but also enables candidates to know the ways to manage the balance usingtechnologicalmeans.

They have lucrative scope in sectors of Power Plants, Production Plants, Power Corporations, Electricity Boards, Biomedical electronics, Hydro-Electricity Sectors and other such. They can become Lead System Designer, Engineering Executive, Sr. Engineering Manager, Power System Engineering, Senior System Analyst, and Engineering Officer and so on.


Aspirant job profiles available for students M.E power plant engineering

  • Atomic power plant
  • Engineering executive
  • Natural gas plants
  • Production plants
  • Biomedical electronics
  • Biomedical electronics
  • Thermal power plants
  • Robotics

Faculty Details

  • Dr. Cibin
  • Assistant Professor
  • Mr.Jasfer
  • Mr.Prabha